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Manga – New Stock Reviews III

Posted by LibeRaCe on September 5, 2007

faeriesFaeries Landing Vol.1

Ryang helps a stranger and ends up responsible for a faerie called Fanta. They manage to fool his friends and family into believing she’s a normal girl, but will her magical tips and tricks give ner away? And whats all this about 108 failed realtionships?

ai yoriAi Yori Aoshi Vol.1 (16+)

Aoi and Kaoru were promised to each other as children, but lost contact 18 years ago. A chance meeting in the subway turns their lives upside down. Will family honour come before puppy love?  


Bus Gamer Vol.1 (16+)

The richest companies in the world are playing a deadly game. Teams of three cash hungry teens fight for or defend their company’s secrets. It started as easy money for Toki, Nobuto and Kazou, but then other team players were found dead…..


Kare Kano Vol.1

Miyazawa is practically perfect in everyway and is sooo popular… until Arima arrives. She can’t stand him and is out to take revenge. See what haappens when the perfect masks slip and they both find out the truth.

Manga-ed out yet?


2 Responses to “Manga – New Stock Reviews III”

  1. Cerberus said

    I think its great that libraries are actively encouraging reading by targeting different audiences. Manga & Anime is becoming ever more popular in the west, so its refreshing to see that some libraries are keeping up with modern trends.

    However I found it quite difficult to find this blog, having somewhat come across it by accident. How about one on Moodle? Links to this page perhaps? Just suggestions really!

    p.s Bus Gamer is a superb novel,I really enjoyed it thanks…good choice! 😀

  2. LibeRaCe said

    Thanks Cerberus!
    The blog section of Llandrillo Moodle isn’t working yet, but we might go there in future. There is a link to this page on the Library and Information section in Moddle already. This blog has only been running for a few weeks and we haven’t advertised widely yet. More people will know about us soon and we’ll be easier to find. Watch the reveiw section for more Manga and GN appearing soon……

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