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Wikipedia – Stern Report

Posted by LibeRaCe on December 7, 2007 

In this weeks Stern Magazine  Wikipedia is put to the test. Is it as accurate as they claim???

Can the project continue to develop in an honest and  transparent way ? Or has that ever happened – what do you think ……?

(Stern is also available in hardcopy from the library)

UPDATE 23/01/2008 – See our other post here


15 Responses to “Wikipedia – Stern Report”

  1. Mark Ludlam said

    Interesting article from Stern. What exactly is the position regarding quoting and citing Wikipedia in students’ work at Llandrillo or indeed any college or university? At Gorseinon, tutors seem to accept it as legitimate and authoritative but I’m not sure that this is the case at university? Thus students may find themselves in the position of receiving marks for quoting from Wikipedia in FE and being marked down for it in HE.

  2. Christine Evans said

    I’m staff and a student doing a Masters and a Foundation degree in tourist guiding.

    I would never want to use wikipedia as a source!

  3. LibeRaCe said

    Charley Meadows Replied:
    “Hi as a computing person of some experience I am still not convinced of the authenticity of some wikipedia data, I know they have taken steps to prevent unregisterd users from editing, but I advise people including students to be extremely careful about using data from wikipedia, but if they find something which appears useful, then to research it elsewhere for confrimation.

  4. LibeRaCe said

    Sue Nelson replied:

    “In terms of Access to HE Rhyl, we accept nothing that is referenced Wikipedia. In fact we tell students to stay away from the site and will always refer work that contains material taken from it.

    Those of us who teach Sociology and Psychology, here, do not accept that this site offers legitimate empirical evidence or secondary analysis of theory which is of any use to our students, particularly when they are heading for an HEI where they will be required to read the text books and then demonstrate their ability to critically analyse the material.

    In addition we may share a common language with the USA, however, in too many aspects the culture is too different to make the research of use.”

  5. LibeRaCe said

    Kevin Lloyd replied:

    “I usually caution FE students about the accuracy/objectivity of Wiki.

    I tell HE students, however, that it should not be used at their level as it is difficult to support it from an academic viewpoint”

  6. LibeRaCe said

    LibeRaCe Weblog Team –

    Many staff members have added that, at present, there is no formal guidance available within the college regarding the suitability of Wikipedia as a reference source.

  7. LibeRaCe said

    David Roberto replied:

    “Even though Wikipedia is in the public domain its not a published document.
    Therefore its only acceptable as a source if it is an “opinion” as it has not gone under official public scrutiny. It cant be considered a basis for facts as those facts may be changed by wiki themselves or any member of the general public at any time.”

  8. LibeRaCe said

    Jane Myatt replied:

    “City and Guilds do not like reference(s) being made to Wikipedia”

  9. LibeRaCe said

    Peter Drake replied:

    “Often what is there, in my experience, is very good. [I am usually looking at stuff I already have some fair knowledge of].
    However no one should rely on just one viewpoint, my students are told this – to find as many as possible and are advised to take almost anything on the web as potentially suspect. What is on Wiki, can not be uniformly regarded as ‘legitimate’ or not.”

  10. Robin Trangmar said

    In teacher training the advice we give to students is to be critical of the sources on the internet that they use. In terms of Wikis, the advice we give is that it is a useful first port of call only. I’m not happy with having a wiki cited as a primary reference, but will accept it as a bibliography entry. There is the issue of the wiki being ‘peer reviewed’ (and I’m not being sniffy here) since in the context of HE we are looking for credibility of the source and it is often difficult to establish that. You could say that about some established academic work as well …
    The specific advice we give about using sources is as follows:
    How good is the website?
    Is it a reputable college or university website, ie web addresses ending in .edu (USA), (UK), (Australia)?
    Is the website
    – run by a professional association or other reputable body?
    – have content similar to other documents or reputable websites that you have found in your research?
    – recommended by course tutors?
    Are the findings backed up by qualitative and/or quantitative research?
    Is the author a reputable academic or researcher, who has published work in books, journals or newspapers?

  11. LibeRaCe said

    Margaret Rowlands replied:

    “I tell my students to use Wikipedia with great care & never to quote it – I know that universities – Geography degrees anyway – don’t allow any referencing to it.”

  12. LibeRaCe said

    David Roberts replied:

    “I allow wikipedia references, particularly at the lower levels, just as a good proof of having carried out some research … but at higher levels I would insisit on other forms of reference to support any wikipedia references.”

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  14. LibeRaCe said

    Janet Waller replied:

    “The external moderator for the degree in Public and Social Policy, who is head of Sociology at Manchester University, commented very favourably when lecturers here criticised the use of Wikipedia and stated that it had no place in an academic piece of work.”

  15. […] about whether or not wikis are legitimate sources for students to cite in references – the debate was started by a librarian from another […]

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