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Citizenship Test – How well would you do?

Posted by LibeRaCe on January 8, 2008

How well do you know the country you live in? Can you carry your British passport with pride?

See if you can answer the questions below taken from the actual Citizenship test itself ! Answers posted at the end of the week………………


1) Why did the Protestant Huguenots come from France to the UK in the 16th & 17th centuries?

2) By what percentage is the average hourly pay of women lower than men’s?

3) What does GCSE stand for?

4) What number of potential first time voters (? out of ten) actually cast their vote in the 2001 general election?

5) The UK has grown by what percentage since 1951?

6) When will the next census be carried out?

7) How wide is the widest part of the UK?

8 ) Where are the origins of the Father Christmas character said to come from?

9) How often does the UK government Cabinet meet?

10) How many members of the National Assembly for Wales are there and how frequently are elections held?

11) The Official title of the heir to the throne is:
                            a) The Prince of Tides
                            b) The Prince of Wales 
                            c) The artist formerly known as Prince
                            d) The Prince of Britain


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