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RedCross – Newsthink!

Posted by LibeRaCe on April 18, 2008

The real stories from behind the headlines
Tutors are encouraged to use these links as a “Thought for the Day” or to start a class discussion…..

Issue 18th April 2008

– Ecuador Bus Crash: Five young British women have died in a coach crash in Ecuador. They were gap year students and had already spent two weeks at a Spanish language school in Quito as part of their adventure trip.Police said a lorry crashed into the side of the bus.Do students regard it as a random accident that could have happened anywhere? Will it change the way they look at gap year travel?

– Massive food price increases could reverse recent reductions in poverty worldwide the World Bank reports. The doubling of food prices over the last three years could push 100 million people in low-income countries deeper into poverty.Violent protests have been linked to the soaring cost of food staples such as rice, wheat, beans and cooking oil.Rising prices have been blamed on increased world demand, poor harvests in some areas, and an increase in the growing of crops for bio-fuels.

– The high court has ruled that the Serious Fraud Office was wrong to drop a major investigation into allegations of corruption in arms deals. Lawyers, accountants and police had been investigating alleged bribes paid by BAE Systems relating to military aircraft contracts with Saudi Arabia worth £43 billion. The inquiry was dropped in December 2006 amid fears that it could damage national security.

Children’s choice of musical instruments is largely determined by their sex, according to researchers who looked at instruments played by nearly half a million children. They found that most harps, flutes, fifes, piccolos, clarinets, oboes and violins were played by girls. Boys were far more likely to play the electric guitar, bass guitar, tuba, trombone or drums.



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