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Web Quest – Week 1

Posted by LibeRaCe on June 16, 2008

Welcome Intrepid Web 2.0 Adventurers!

This is Week 1 of your eight week self directed learning quest. It’s aim is to help you to beocme more familiar with Web 2.0 in general and the tools that people are using regularly. We hope that by going through each task at your own pace, you will become more confident in using Web 2.0 Tools. It will also help you to better understand and be able to answer questions from staff and students about Web 2.0. But most importantly it gives you the time and permission to play!

Your challenges this week:

Task 1:  Read this email and familiarise yourself with the quest by clicking on the About and the FAQ links.

Task 2: Take the time to have a look at these videos to get a better idea of what Web 2.0 means.  

Video 1 – Tim O’Reilly (51 secs)

Video 2 – The Machine is Using Us (4.51 mins)

Video 3 – Web 2.0 a Brief Introduction (3.07 mins)

Video 4 – What is Web 2.0 (10.11 mins)


9 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 1”

  1. Ian Rennie said

    Some interesting information there, I particularly liked the “What is web 2.0” video, and NO not for the reasons YOU are thinking! Unfortunately the bit at the end about Skype did not work but I am going to have a look at Google docs to see how useful that might be.

    I am unsure as to how shared documents for student coursework will work becuse I am cynical enough to expect some students to create something and other students to delete it! Perhaps I just don’t undertand it well enough yet.

    Tim O’Reilly’s definition of Web 2.0 has merit but the cynic in me again questions his comment that “Users add value”. In the ideal world yes, but in reality the usefulness of shared databases can become diluted as more users add their own bland stuff. Flickr is excellent for example but the vast majority of it’s content consists of peoples un-edited holiday snaps. This holds no value to me.

  2. loki1966 said

    Thanks Siona, that was informative esp the last one. I’ll be going over that one again so it sinks in a bit, plus, i’ll have a look at some of the others. Hooked on to a few key words that i can look into this afternoon.
    I’m supposed to know what a mash-up is!! Wasn’t that a term used in hardcore punk gigs – for kicking the …..
    AJAX, RIA SOA FEEDS, NETVIBES to look into!
    Google doc’s is clever; can see hoe relevant that will be!

  3. LibeRaCe said

    Cheers Loki1966!Some basic Web 2.0 definitions can be found on the library Moodle pages in Information and Study Skills Section 5 (including mash-up).

  4. Andrew said

    One observation – putting the Web Quest on the front page may confuse casual visitors.

    I didn’t find Tim O’Reilly’s explanation very helpful – surely ‘users add value’ is a function rather than a definition of Web 2.0?

    I really like the ‘Machine is using us’ – even though I’d seen it before. A very good ‘taster’ for Web 2.0 (classic ‘selling the sizzle’ rather than ‘selling the sausage’).

    ‘What is Web 2.0’ was more about ‘selling the sausage’ and was a good overview – if a little long. The opening titles are terrible despite the tango music.

    Wasn’t impressed with ‘Web 2.0 a brief introduction’. The imagery was a bit confusing – half way through it seemed to turn into an ipod commercial – and I didn’t like the music.

  5. Ceri said

    Thanks Siona. I really enjoyed watching the videos. Like the others I thought the “What is Web 2.0” video was the most informative. She explained all the buzz words in laymans terms, which is what I need! Looking forward to next week’s challenge though I suspect we will be asked to do a lot more!

  6. Sally Jackson said

    Good into to Web 2.0 (simple, visuals a great idea). Looking forward to blogging next week – does it all have to be work related. Suggest we have a highlight of the week & compare!

  7. LibeRaCe said

    Thank you to every one who replied – have you all received your rewards? You need to post a reply to let us know you completed Week 1.
    SJ – I liked the idea about having a highlight of the week comparison. I’ll amend next weeks session and people can take it from there.

  8. […] a follow on from last weeks comments- do you have a favourite/interesting blog site that you can share with the group? We suggest best […]

  9. Pat said

    Thanks for this Siona – a very interesting first session leaving lots of room for thought

    Video 1 Tim O’Reilly’s idea of “users add value” is good in sentiment – not sure how it will work in practice in terms of blogging though.

    Video 2 ‘Liked the music and images and a clever way to get across new ideas in relation to peer-learning and the user “teaching the machine”, having the control etc. It all appears very democratic! The statement “we’ll need to think a few things through” was quite understated in terms of the huge task this change in culture is going to bring about.

    Video 3 I liked graphics and the whole video appeared quite “right on” – and aimed at young American people as it seemed very American in content.

    Video 4

    I liked this video best along with the second in terms of learning about blogging. Good definitions given in layperson’s language and everyday examples.The idea of the whole thing being “user driven” again being emphasised rather than the expert/teacher (not sure if this is good or bad thing. The conversational tone of the video seems to epitomise everything that “blogging” is setting out to do i.e. have a chat whether heavy or light about something of common interest to those contributing.

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