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Web Quest – Week 2

Posted by LibeRaCe on June 23, 2008

Welcome intrepid Web 2.0 adventurers!

Congratulations on getting to the next stage of the quest. This week you will be exploring the world of blogging – what it’s used for, how to do it and you’ll also be creating your own blog to start your personal Quest Log.

Your challenges this week:

Task 1 : Take a look at this introduction to blogging and read the short tutorial on setting up your blog.

Task 2: Set up your blog, register your blog address with the programme administrators and post your first messages! Why not write about what you think might be the easiest and hardest things for you to learn or write about something in the news that interests you this week.

You have now achieved your first milestone! This blog will now become a record or log of your learning. Each time you complete a task you need to record it in a post and this will be checked weekly by the quest administrators.

  If you need more help, ask your collegaues by leaving a comment on this post or check out the guides on the Library Moodle page.

As a follow on from last weeks comments– do you have a favourite/interesting blog site that you can share with the group? We suggest best for timewasting, best for library/techie stuff.


7 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 2”

  1. loki1966 said

    I’d like to share this blogspot with all at Llandrillo. If your a sad comics geek you’ll love this; if your a woman you’ll hate it and i’m neither (i think).

  2. loki1966 said

    Web 2 much information. Here is a vid of facts concerning new technologies and education

  3. ir0nee said

    I used the Random Blog button and came up with this very interesting site. All I need now is learn German and there’ll be no stopping me!

  4. ir0nee said

    RIGHT That’s it, I want to complain!

    Look at the right hand side of this blog. It’s full of RSS feeds! How do I get more than one on my blog? Hmm? and while we are on the subject, all the sites I go to (that interest me – Depeche Mode, Dr Who, Man utd, Stephen Donaldson) don’t HAVE RSS feeds! It’s a conspiracy.

  5. LibeRaCe said

    Ir0nee –
    the owners have been contacted to see if there is problem. You should just be able to go to design then widgets and click on the RSS feed widget multiple times to add as many feeds as you need. I will post their reply.
    If a site you like does not have an RSS embedded in it, then why not add them to your Blogroll instead? You can then click on this to check up on any new information each time you are in your blog.

  6. loki1966 said

    Ir0nee – don’t let people know your interests, esp Man Utd, as somebody may rip you!

  7. LibeRaCe said

    RSS Widget problems:
    Reply from WordPress Admin Help:

    “We have a bug with the widgets that affects IE. As a workaround until it’s fixed,try clicking Save Changes right after you add the widget and then you should be able to edit it.”

    please let us know if this works

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