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Web Quest – Week 3

Posted by LibeRaCe on June 30, 2008

Welcome intrepid Web 2.0 Adventurers!

You have now reached week 3 of your quest – flagging yet? Never fear, this week’s close encouter with tagging and social bookmarking should encourage you to carry on.  

Your challenges this week:

Task 1: Learn more about tagging and how people use it. Explore the world of with this short tutorial. You can also read through the Ultimate Guide to or would you like to watch a podcast tutorial all about instead? 

Task 2: Have a look at the Library’s account. What would you add or delete from the site? Are the categories and headings suitable? What do the red numbers under the headings mean? Do you want to add any of your saved favourites to the site? Leave a request comment on this post to get access.

Task 3: Now that you understand tagging, tag each of your own blog posts with the phrase ‘Web Quest’ (as we have done) from now on.

Don’t forget, you need to record your achievements in your blog!

If you need more help, ask your colleagues by leaving a comment on this post or check out the guides on the Library Moodle page.


4 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 3”

  1. ir0nee said

    As tasty as Delicious is I find it a bit confusing but if you stick with it it all eventually makes sense. I think this should be one of the most useful Web 2.0… er… things of all because it allows someone to share their hard earned information. You librarian types have a lot of indispensible knowledge tied up in your tiny brains (and browser favourites/Bookmarks) which Delicious allows you to share.

  2. Mark said

    I would love to be as bright and witty (see corny) as Mr Ir0nee in my comments, but, i must refrain from a public show. However, i must agree that it can be confusing at times, especially if you make the mistake of not bundling your tabs when first exporting them from your favourites, as i did! On the whole its a great tool to be promoted to staff and students.
    I would tend to agree with Mr Ir0nee’s comment on Librarians!

  3. Ceri said

    Definitely agree that Delicious is a bit confusing! I have just exported a folder from my favourites and couldn’t figure out why the websites weren’t appearing on my blog. After about an hour of messing around I finally figured out that all I had to do was to share them! Need to get my head around bundling next. Perhaps doing this on a Friday afternoon isn’t the best idea!

  4. lesleyward said

    Very muddly at first switching from one place to another, but I’m sure the mist will clear eventually, though by 4pm on a Friday afternoon I have lost the will to carry on. Have needed a lot of help from our leader with navigating around, who had the misfortune to be sat behind us, attempting to have his coffee & cake.

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