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Web Quest – Week 4

Posted by LibeRaCe on July 7, 2008

Welcome intrepid Web 2.0 adventurers!

You have now reached Week 4, where you’ll learn about digital photosharing and Flickr.

Your challenges this week:

Task 1 : You can become more familiar with photosharing by looking at this short tutorial. Do you know how to access your digital photos to share them? Have a look at the ITW guide in the Library Moodle pages. We will use Flickr to see how photos can be shared – they have a useful tour of the site. Learn how to search for photos with this short video.

Task 2 : You have a choice this week – you can either set up your own free Flickr account  (you will be re-directed to Yahoo) and upload some photos to it. If you do, tag them as ‘Web Quest’ so they can be viewed easily. You might like to watch this short tutorial first.


Practice downloading photos onto your H:Drive using the ITW card readers. Experiment with your blog and add a picture to your reflective post for this week using the WordPress Image Gallery.

Don’t forget, you need to record your achievements in your blog!

If you need more help, ask your colleagues by leaving a comment on this post or check out the guides on the Library Moodle page.




2 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 4”

  1. ir0nee said

    I have a flickr account and I know pretty much how to use it. It’s fun.

    The “Flickr Insert Tool” link above is an excellent tutorial though some of the screen shots are slightly out of date. If you have managed to add a picture to a post in your blog in the past though then you can just use the same procedure.

    It does however clarify some points such as what the “Image URL” window is for, i.e. you can reference a picture with a link back to it’s source. In fact the section on Creative Commons is very good showing how to acknowledge someone elses work.

    I have written a bit more in my own blog


  2. cez7977 said

    I enjoyed this week’s challenge and it was very satisfying to see my flickr pictures finally appear on my blog:(

    The tutorial on setting up a flickr account was useful though the picture was a bit blurry. Perhaps I hadn’t drunk enough coffee by the time I watched it!

    It’s fantastic that you can access these pictures from any internet ready pc, add captions to them, share them with others etc.

    Both sets of grandparents (to be) have now had a look at my blog and they loved it although there is not a great deal of content on there yet. The pressure is now on to add something new to it every week!


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