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Web Quest – Week 6

Posted by LibeRaCe on July 21, 2008

Welcome intrepid Web 2.0 adventurers!

You have now reached Week 6, where you’ll learn about RSS feeds and how to make the most of them.

Your challenges this week:

Task 1: Learn more about RSS feeds  and their uses with the Quest Tutorial. We will use to find out more RSS feeds. Learn all about Pageflakes with this video. In what ways could libraries use RSS for students? Glasgow and Loughborough are both experimenting with RSS. And don’t forget your own Library Blog (see the newsfeeds to the right of the screen?). How could tutors use RSS in a class blog?

Task 2: Have a look at your favourites menu to see if any of the bookmarked sites have their own RSS feeds. Why not set up a PageFlakes account to keep track of all the headlines? If you want to explore Pageflakes without setting up an account, leave a comment on this post and the adminisrators will give you temporary editing access.

Don’t forget, you need to record your achievements in your blog!

If you need more help, ask your colleagues by leaving a comment on this post or check out the guides on the Library Moodle page.


2 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 6”

  1. cez7977 said

    Creating a pageflakes account and adding RSS feeds was great fun this week. I can keep up to date with all the pregnancy and baby headlines now! I seem to struggle every week though with linking what we have created to the blog. I could do with some idiot proof instructions on how to do this and also an explanation of what all the widgets do.

    I have managed to get a pregnancy countdown ticker on my blog now, which is great. It took me a while to figure it out though. I can see how blogging can become addictive.

    Looking forward to next week’s challenge.

  2. Ian Rennie said

    Now I think RSS feeds are superb. What a great idea, whenever anything new happens with something you are interested in you are informed without having to go looking for it. Genius!

    I have some RSS feeds on my blog but I might prefer to remove them and add a link to my Pageflakes site now which has loads of more or less interesting feeds. Finding an RSS feed on the web sites you like seems to be the tricky thing. I could not find one on the Man U official site (yes yes I know, don’t go on about it!!) so eventually I did a web search for “official man u RSS” and it took me right where I needed to be. I copied the link and pasted it into pageflakes so now I get exactly what I want,.

    Yes, very good.

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