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Web Quest – Week 7

Posted by LibeRaCe on July 28, 2008

Welcome intrepid Web 2.0 Adventurers!

Well done for reaching Week 7 of your quest – the end is in sight! This week you will explore the realms of video sharing through one of the most popular sites – YouTube.

Your Challenges this week:

Task 1: Find out more about video sharing with this Quest Tutorial. You do not need an account to explore Youtube. What features do you think are useful? There are many other sites also allowing video sharing, such as Flickr and Yahoo!Videos. But SchoolTube, TeacherTube and TeachersTV also provide an excellent platform for educational resources.

Task 2: Record a short video on a college camera, set up your own YouTube account and upload your movie. Tag it as ‘Web Quest’ so it can be viewed easily.


Set up a Youtube account and find out how link it to your blog or delicious account. Did you find any informative videos you might like to share with colleagues? How could tutors use this site to engage students? Did you leave any comments on videos produced by Coleg Llandrillo students?  

Don’t forget, you need to record your achievements in your blog!

If you need more help, ask your colleagues by leaving a comment on this post or check out the guides on the Library Moodle page.


5 Responses to “Web Quest – Week 7”

  1. lesleyward said

    Navigating around You Tube is fairly straight forward and fun, naturally I only searched for videos that are of interest to me personally, sooo.. my next holiday and CATS. The YouTube instruction handout on Moodle is very good and easy to follow, but where on the challenge was the ‘short screencast and Quest Tutorial’? You are left again to figure out how to link your clips to the blog – so needed to confere with someone else cleverer than me.

  2. cez7977 said

    I’ve used YouTube before but never thought of creating an account on there until now. It’s great being able to add videos to your favourites, create playlists and subscribe to other people’s channels. I have even managed to link my YouTube account to my blog and embed a video into a post without tearing my hair out this week! Progress at last!
    I am not brave enough yet though to record my own video and upload it to YouTube. I will leave that to the budding film makers amongst us.

  3. LibeRaCe said

    The short screencast and Quest Tutorial don’t exist, apart from in your imagination. I would suggest a nice hot cup of hot chocolate and a nice comfortable couch to lie on. I haven’t looked at this weeks quest, but, i suspect you can add clips by RSS feed or by going to management and links – pasteing. You can also add as a link into your post.
    I have booked the college video for tomorrow.

  4. LibeRaCe said

    The link to the Quest tutorial for week 7 now been added, apologies for the mistake.

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