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Who Needs Teachers Anymore?

Posted by LibeRaCe on November 27, 2008

What use are teachers and lessons? You have to be somewhere at a particular time just to listen to some old geezer drone on at you for an hour (or more). Why not learn your lessons in the comfort of your own home?. If you do a quick search on YouTube you might be surprised at what educational video clips you can find, anything from how to make pastries ( ) to how to talk like a pirate ( ).

Of course there are countless other web sites offering online tutorials, normally free of charge such as the BBC ( ), the Intute Virtual Training Suite for Internet training( ), CommonCraft; excellent for Web 2.0 training( ) and even Microsoft ( ). Sometimes it is just a matter of finding them.

Whilst marking coursework today I came across an excellent website, Teach ICT ( ).

Teach home page

Teach home page

This site offers free video tutorials on Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Flash, Frontpage, PowerPoint Access and Publisher. Each subject is presented in several sections so you can just learn the bit you want, all you need is a set of headphones and the ability to concentrate for a few minutes. Teach ICT .com appears to have been created by teachers for teachers in the UK and you can even contribute yourself. It contains a wealth of teaching resources which would be useful to teachers and students alike. At the moment I am brushing up on my Spreadsheets!

So, who needs teachers? Well who do you think created these tutorials?


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