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Share your reading online!

Posted by LibeRaCe on June 11, 2010

If you want to keep a record of what you’ve read, share your thoughts about a book, get recommendations and see what others have in their collections, then there’s a whole online community waiting for you to join them. – catalogue your reading matter, add tags, see who else has read the same titles, take part in author chats, find book related events locally, share views, reviews and even swop books. Very active online community. You can also see Llandrillo Library new stock as it arrives. – one of the largest social book sites, you can add boks to a virtual shelf recording what you’re reading now or what you’d like to read.  See what your friends are reading (find them via hotmail, gmail, yahoo or aol email accounts), find interesting facts about your books and even add a widget to your blog.

Visual Bookshelf on Facebook (Living Social) – adding this app to your Facebook profile means you can keep track of that you’ve read, see who else has read/reviewed the same title, see what you’re friends are reding and get personalised recommendations.

Gurulibrary– organise your music, games and software as well as your books on this site. You can also arrange to borrow items from other members and and add a due date, add items to your wish lists, see who else has your tastes and  join the community discussions. -add, share, review, lend and purchase items from your wish list with this site. Fully supported searching by keywords and you can also record the value and condition of your items.

Llandrillo Moodle Blog off and Read – for Llandrillo students to share, rate, review and discuss what they’re reading now!

3 Responses to “Share your reading online!”

  1. A good summary, I must bookmark these!

    I notice you have Google Ads attached to this post, is that a decision or is it automatic in WordPress?

    Karl, RSC Wales

    • LibeRaCe said

      Thanks Karl! I haven’t added a Google plugin to our posts or pages- you can’t always guarantee that the ad content would be suitable or relevant and also have come across it on other sites where the ad is totally inappropriate for younger students to view. It comes up in WordPress automatically once the post has been published. I haven’t had the chance to remove the code from the theme yet – another thing for the to-do list.

  2. […] Some new ones here Goodreads v visual bookshelf […]

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