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Archive for the ‘Reading Group’ Category

ESOL Reading Group – Tuesday 10th November

Posted by LibeRaCe on November 9, 2015

Walker Books Image

This Tuesday, our Reader Organisation ESOL group will be reading a poem by Roger McGough and another excerpt from The Unforgotten Coat by Frank Cottrell Boyce.

The poem is called First Day at School (you can listen to a recording of the poet reading it here or watch a video of the poem here) – something most of us have been through and will always remember. But I think it could even be the first day at College, the first day in your new job, the first day in a new country……. It’s a shared experience and also points out that the spelling of some words don’t always match their meanings like “teacher – the one who makes the tea”!

We started the Unforgotten Coat at our last session and were asked to use it again. It’s the story of two brothers from Mongolia and the affect they have on their new school, especially on their friend Julie. It’s based on a true events and we found it very funny and touching.

See you all at 1.00pm in room K16 Bodnant library on Rhos site. There will of course be biscuits 🙂


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Staff Reading Group – Jane Eyre

Posted by LibeRaCe on November 9, 2015

Image of Jane Eyre Penguin Classics Book Cover

Image of Jane Eyre Penguin Classics Book Cover

This month, staff reading group I will be reading classic novel Jane Eyre.

There’s no lack of Jane Eyre and Bronte related support material online, and fan fiction abounds too. For an interesting insight into the influences on the Brontes early writing and the use of fairy tale and gothic techniques in Jane Eyre, take a look at the British Library video series ‘Romantics and Victorians‘.

My favourite synposis comes from the Internet Movie Database (for the 2011) film

“A mousy governess who softens the heart of her employer soon discovers that he’s hiding a terrible secret.”. At least it would fit on a tweet!

Speaking of tweets, there are also a handful of fictional Eyre and Bronte twitter accounts, but none live since about 2011. However, the official Bronte Parsonage twitter is active and shares a great variety of scholarly and fan created content related to the family. Also the account @WurtheringHikes is an interesting take on fan fiction 🙂 There is a Facebook group too and the Bronte Blog is a comprensive collection of all things Bronte in the media and online.

There is even a web series adaptation of Jane Eyre –

Famous quotes from the book:

“Reader, I married him.”

“I am no bird; and no net ensnares me: I am a free human being with an independent will.”

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*NEW* Reading Group for STAFF

Posted by LibeRaCe on October 5, 2012

link to bookclub image

Do you recognize these famous quotes?

“Curiouser and curiouser!”

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times ……”

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife. ”

Heathcliff!  Cathy!”

“My dear, I don’t give a damn!”


“He thought that orcs, unlike human beings, were simple and uncomplicated creatures” 

If you do – you need to join a reading group!
If you don’t – you definitely need to join a reading group!
Join the Book Buddies!  

This  fun, friendly  staff reading group will first meet after Ocober half term.   Come and talk about books you like …  or even books you don’t like!
Contact Zoe Pinder the Bookmeister by Friday 19th October to express interest.
This reading group comes to you courtesy of the Library at Rhos Campus ……
See you there!

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Student Reading Group – Recruiting Now!

Posted by LibeRaCe on September 17, 2010


Students can already share their opinions and favourite/most hated reads in the Blog Off and Read! group on Moodle.


Would you like to meet up with other like-minded students on a regular basis to chat about the ‘read of the week’ and share ideas face to face?

Is that a YES!?!

Well then, you’ll need to contact our Senior Information officer Pat Hebron and she’ll do the rest.

Send an email to with your –


ID Number


Preferred Contact Email

Times of the week that would suit you best

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Reading Group – The Mammoth Cheese

Posted by LibeRaCe on September 15, 2010


This months title is The Mammoth Cheese by Sheri Holman


Click here to learn more about the author

Click here to read reviews about the book

Take a look at the links below to learn more about the setting of the book



 An article about the original Thomas Jefferson Mammoth Cheese.  The site also has resources that explore the links between religion, liberty, economics and politics in the US.




And after he got the huge cheese, he got huge bread! Imagine the indegestion…


 Learn more about the man himself in this comprehensive encyclopedia.



Read about some of the real issues affecting American small farmers in this forum.  




Virginia is a stunningly beautiful place, but the rural areas of the book’s setting do have their problems.




The issue of large multiple births was also in the news not so long ago and media comment reflects the change in society’s attitude to the family concerned (this very much relates to the book’s narrative)

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Reading Group – The Daughter of Time

Posted by LibeRaCe on September 6, 2010

This months title is the Daughter of Time by Josephine Tey.

Click here to learn more about the author

Click here to see reviews of the book

Take a look at the links below to find out more about the historical setting of the novel!

The Richard the Third Society – to restore the reputation of Richard III! Also has good information on the War of the Roses and Britain in the 15th Century.

BBC British History Timelines – explore the history of Britain and the political setting of the book with the BBC.

War of the – excellent overview of the period including the battles and personalities involved.

Channel 4 History – the ‘real’ story of Perkin Warbeck. Also has links to the Channel 4 programme ‘Britians Real Monarch’.

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Share your reading online!

Posted by LibeRaCe on June 11, 2010

If you want to keep a record of what you’ve read, share your thoughts about a book, get recommendations and see what others have in their collections, then there’s a whole online community waiting for you to join them. – catalogue your reading matter, add tags, see who else has read the same titles, take part in author chats, find book related events locally, share views, reviews and even swop books. Very active online community. You can also see Llandrillo Library new stock as it arrives. – one of the largest social book sites, you can add boks to a virtual shelf recording what you’re reading now or what you’d like to read.  See what your friends are reading (find them via hotmail, gmail, yahoo or aol email accounts), find interesting facts about your books and even add a widget to your blog.

Visual Bookshelf on Facebook (Living Social) – adding this app to your Facebook profile means you can keep track of that you’ve read, see who else has read/reviewed the same title, see what you’re friends are reding and get personalised recommendations.

Gurulibrary– organise your music, games and software as well as your books on this site. You can also arrange to borrow items from other members and and add a due date, add items to your wish lists, see who else has your tastes and  join the community discussions. -add, share, review, lend and purchase items from your wish list with this site. Fully supported searching by keywords and you can also record the value and condition of your items.

Llandrillo Moodle Blog off and Read – for Llandrillo students to share, rate, review and discuss what they’re reading now!

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6 Book Challenge Winners!

Posted by LibeRaCe on February 11, 2010

Congratulations to three Coleg Llandrillo Denbigh students for winning the reader development competition. Niame Traore is an ESOL student and used our Oxford Bookworms collection to practice her english reading skills. Mathew Thomas McDonald and Helen Williams are both on the STEPS program and have been reading as part of their classroom activities. Niame and Mathew both won an MP3 video player and Helen has won £20 worth of book tokens!

Niame Traore receiving her challenge prize!

All three students took part in the Six Book Challenge 2010. The challenge was to read and review six books. Students could choose any six books they liked (at any level) to enter the challenge and needed to send in all six reviews to the library. Coleg Llandrillo Rhos winners to be announced shortly!

Over half of adults (56%) have literacy skills below the level of a good GCSE (NAO, Skills for Life: Progress in Improving Adult Literacy and Numeracy, 2008). “Our stubborn national skills problems show we need new ways to tackle literacy issues,” said Miranda McKearney, Director of The Reading Agency. “We launched the Six Book Challenge in 2008, and I wish we’d started it years ago! It’s a deceptively simple, motivational scheme that has a tremendous impact on people’s lives.’

9,000 adults took part in the Six Book Challenge in 2009, up 25% on 2008. 70% of library services across the UK ran the scheme as well as colleges, adult and community education centres, workplaces and prisons. 90% of participants said they feel more confident about reading after taking part, and tutors say that the Challenge improves learners’ confidence, increases their motivation and helps them develop a reading habit.

Author Mike Gayle, who is Patron of the Six Book Challenge and a keen supporter of adult literacy initiatives, said: “Anything that encourages adult learners to get stuck into a good read has got to be a good thing in my book! I’m proud to be involved in this terrific initiative that is making a real difference to those who have felt excluded from the world of books.”

National Book Tokens

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Teaching Children to Read

Posted by LibeRaCe on February 7, 2008 

In response to a large number of queries at the front desk we hope students find this post useful!

National Literacy Trust       Bookstart   Brit.Assoc.Early Childhood Education

SureStart      Soc.Scientific Study of Reading    UK Nat.Literacy Strategy

Reading Reform Foundation

When and how should you start?

The Whole Language versus Phonics debate

‘Teaching Children to Read’ – House of Commons 8th Report 2005

Topics include phonics, reading for pleasure, early skills and literacy difficulties Happy Child – Bricks and Mortar Reading Skills

Help children and adults to begin reading by concentrating on consonants (‘Bricks’) and vowel (‘Mortar’) sounds. Each letter is built into simple word group with similar sounds. There are 116 pages of example words and notes available for free!

Teaching Ideas – Literacy

Ideas and resource sharing site for Primary school teachers. Created by teachers for teachers. Literacy skills links include word games, skiming skills, sequencing and how to read to children.

Reading Rockets  

A US based site to help parents and teachers with children struggling to read. Includes resources for print awareness, phonics, vocabulary and spelling.                              

Reluctant Readers – alternative to book only reading

Can colour help some children to read?

Research to support the use of colour overlays/lenses to help Dyslexic children

Glossary of Literacy Terms for Schools – Dept. of Children, Schools and Families

 Early Learning Books – in the library NL/ER shelves (beside Fiction section)

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Free Online E-Books, Classical Music & Audio Books

Posted by LibeRaCe on December 19, 2007

The first place to look for academic e-books is your College library! 

In college you can access the collections via the Novell screen/Mulitmedia&Reference/Online Reference/My library icon.  

You can also access the libraries e-book collections at home if you have an Athens Password. Please ask in the library for details. 

The best (and original) safe site for downloading E-books for free to help with your studies is Project Gutenberg. The majority of content is books whose copyright has ended and so can now be shared freely. Good for classics and English Lit. students.

The Classical Archives has worked with Project Gutenberg previously. If you register (for free) you can download up to 5 pieces each day.

 Audio Books for Free is a British run site that also has had links with Project Gutenberg. You need to regsiter for free to download material. Subjects covered include classics, crime, science fiction, humour and even childrensbooks. You can also buy their whole collections in different formats.

The University of Virginia’s Library  Etext Centre also makes e-books available for free online. Included in their collection is classic British and American fiction, major authors, children’s literature, American history, Shakespeare and African-American documents.

Cornell University’s arXiv site is a useful resource for Science and Maths students for WBQ/IB/HE. Find full text articles for free on topics including Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Quantitative Biology and Statistics.

If you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader you can get PDF books for free as well! Books in stock are mostly classics with some IT titles available too. Again, would be useful for English students.

A useful gateway site to finding other online e-book sites is E-Books AU. This is not hosted by an educational institution, but many of the links are useful and live.

Remember – you may have to register with a site before they will allow you to download material.

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